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We have been importing since 2003.  We offer a FULL serivce importing from start to finish.   You just pick out what you like and we do the rest.  You just have to sit back and wait for your horse to arrive at your barn! We arrange everything for  you.

The most important thing to us is a happy customer.  I LOVE getting those phone calls from a customer after their dream horse has arrived and the mare/stallion is even better in person than they expected!!  I love hearing how happy and thrilled they are to have their new horse.  That's the best.

You can visit our farm website in Fort Worth TX at   We breed PRE horses and Aztecas.  Horses are our passion!

Julie Tupper was the founder and President of the South West Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Club ( from 2003-2008 and put on 5 shows for IALHA 4 for PRE horses through ANCCE, Y.M., and the Foundation in conjunction with the SWALHC's IALHA Qualifing shows each spring.

I have a BS degree in Medical Technology.

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Criador de Pura Raza Espanol (PRE) caballos de Andalusian. Mi sitio Web de granja y nuestro sitio Web donde importamos a caballos de España a los EE. UU.

Fokker van Pura Raza Espanol (PRE) Andalusische paarden. Mijn boerderijwebsite- en onze website waar wij paarden van Spanje importeren.

Züchter von Pura Raza Espanol (P.R.E.) Andalusian Pferde. Mein Bauernhof website- und unsere Website, wo wir Pferde von Spanien importieren.

L'éleveur de Pura Raza Espanol (PRE-) les chevaux andalou. Mon de site internet de ferme et nos sites internet où nous importons des chevaux d'Espagne

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817-271-5889 - Julie Tupper m.
(Central Time)

CONTACT US:          Julie Tupper 817-271-5889         (Central Time)

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1.59 15.21/2 62.6 1.64 16.01/2 64.5 1.69 16.21/2 66.5 1.74 17.01/2 68.5