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Basics of Importing





·         After deciding which horse you would like to buy we collect a 10% deposit on the price of the horse plus the cost of testing, vet fees, etc.  This reserves your horse while it is tested.


·         The we have a vet come out and collect the blood and send it to the laboratory for testing.   This takes on average 5-6 days.   The import blood tests normally include:

§  Piroplasmosis - Equine piroplasmosis is a tick-borne protozoal infection of horses (Babesia equi and Babesia caballi).

§  Glanders - Glanders is a bacterial disease of the respiratory tract and skin caused by Burkholderia mallei (formerly known as Pesudomonas mallei).

§  Dourine - Dourine is a serious, often chronic, venereal disease of horses in Asia, Africa, South America, and southeastern Europe caused by Trypanosoma equiperdum.

§  EIA - Equine Infectious Anemia (tested with the Coggins test in the USA) is caused by a virus and causes fever and anemia.  There is no cure or treatment for this disease.


·         After the horse has passed the blood tests then we have a vet check done  - if desired.  Many of the vets in Spain can do digital x-rays or semen examinations if requested.


·         Once the horse has passed all of the blood tests and vet exams to the satisfaction of the buyer the horse is paid in-full.


·         At this point we recommend that you get insurance on your new horse.  An international rider is recommended to cover the horse while being transported to the USA.  There are Spanish policies available if you want major medical while the horse is in Spain.  Most Major Medical policies from the USA won't cover Medical until the horse is on US soil.  We would be more than happy to help you get insurance.


·         PRE-Imports provides transport coordination services at no charge - or you are more than welcome to use your own shipping agent.  We only charge you for the actual cost of shipping plus bank fees to transfer the monies.   Most people find it easier just to send all of the money to us and let us arrange everything for you.






·         For horses under 2 years or those that NEED CEM Quarantine (have been used for breeding) – we can make all of the arrangements from the farm in Spain to yours.  

    • I have a European ground transport company that I always use.  They are very professional and reliable and I have had many good compliments about how well they care for the horses and the vans that they use are top quality.  They pick up the horse from the farm and take them to Holland.  On the way they rest the horses in France for at least one night. 
    • From Amsterdam they are flown into the port of call closest to your farm (LAX – Loa Angeles, CA, NY – New York, MI – Miami, FL).
    • Upon arrival they will do a 3-day quarantine where they will re-test the blood.
    • After at least 72 hours they will release the horse unless it needs CEM quarantine (for horses that are more than 2 years or have been bred).
    • Horses that are less than 2 years may be transported directly to your farm or you may choose to pick them up at the USDA quarantine facility.


CEM Quarantine


    • Horses that need CEM quarantine will be transported in a sealed container directly to the CEM Quarantine Facility.  For mares this normally takes 2-3 weeks to complete the swabs/test.  For stallions it is 4-5 weeks.
    • Stallions are bred to mares and then the mares are swabbed and cultured for CEM.  The cost for CEM Quarantine for stallions averages from $3000-5000.
    • Mares are just swabbed and cultured for CEM.  The cost for mares is around $2000-2200 on average.


CEM Exemption


·         For Spanish horses under 2 years or over that have NOT been bred – they are eligible for CEM Exemption.

o   In this case we would use the Spanish transport agent.  This is a little more expensive than letting me ship the horse but it saves a considerable amount of time & money by not needing the CEM quarantine upon arrival to the USA. 

o   The horses are transported to Madrid to the quarantine stables.  They will stay there from 3-4 weeks to complete the CEM cultures and export blood work.

o   The Spanish agent will get the CEM Exemption certificates from the government that prove the horse has not been used for breeding.

o   Then they are transported to Holland then to your port of call – LAX, NY, MI.

o   They stay at the USDA quarantine facility for 3-days and then they are released to be transported directly to your farm or you can pick them up if you desire.

o   With the CEM Exemption you do not have to do the CEM Quarantine in the USA.  This saves $2-5000 and your horse can go home in 3days instead of 3-4 weeks.


We try to make importing as easy as possible and are more than happy to provide door-to-door Import service.  All you have to do is pick out your Dream Horse and send $ and wait for it to arrive.  It’s easy!!  The hardest part is waiting!

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